What do the Knights of Columbus Do?

Below are listed just a few of the activities of the Knights of Columbus.

Keep in mind that a majority of our order’s work directly benefits those in the parish and people in our local community.

Supporting the church and school

The Knights of Columbus, along with their wives, volunteer to support Father Acervo and St. Edward’s in many ways:

  • Mowing the grass on the parish grounds
  • Making repairs to the parish buildings
  • Funding some parish events
  • Assisting with school events such as the Trunk-or-Treat
  • Preparing food for parish and school events
  • Serving as ushers, eucharistic ministers and singers

Faith, education and prayer

While much of the community sees our public work, building men’s faith is an important part of what the Knights do. These activities include:

  • Hosting area men’s conferences
  • Sponsoring seminarians and promoting vocations to the priesthood
  • Praying the rosary together
  • Praying for the wellbeing of our families
  • Promoting the domestic church

Fellowship, family

The Knights of Columbus was founded to help Catholic men find Catholic friends. And it was founded to offer families ways to spend time together while staying near to the church. Here area a few of the ways we have fun:

  • Euchre night
  • Bingo
  • Free meals with other Knights
  • Regional rallies

Defending the unborn

The end to abortion is one of the primary causes of the Knights of Columbus. We work to acheive that goal by:

  • Raising funds to support the Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center, a pro-life support system for expecting mothers
  • Purchasing ultrasound machines for pregnancy clinics, because 80% of women who see an ultrasound choose life
  • Praying in front of local abortion clinics

Helping those in need

Both in our parish and in the community, our Knights of Columbus council helps those who are in need by:

  • Funding a food truck, and volunteer to distribute food to hungry families in our area
  • Purchasing coats for children in the school and community during winter
  • Sending care packages to soldiers deployed abroad
  • Raising money for local organizations that care for those with intellectual disabilities